Plant Gene Banks and Foods Security

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThomas Brutnell is a researcher and entrepreneur specializing in plant genomics, agricultural biotechnology and plant natural products. As the vice president of Gateway Biotechnology, Thomas Brutnell is developing a plant natural product that has demonstrated benefits in preventing and treating tinnitus.

Plant genomics is a science with significant potential, especially as it relates to food security and crop diversity and improvement. In particular, one way that plant genomics is helping to ensure food security is through the collection, sequencing, and classification of gene banks and seed banks. Seed banks are a vital element in the preservation and organization of crop taxonomy and origins.

Studying these resources can provide significant insight into how desired traits are selected and passed on. Large scale studies, although they are logistically challenging, are among the best ways to undertake this sort of research. Ultimately, researchers might be able to use the data to create a generalizable framework for the improvement of other crops including those with medicinal properties.